Why We Love DMX

We’re LED lighting people; we love them.  LEDs have revolutionised lighting in terms of quality, efficiency and the beauty of colour.  And the best way of controlling them is DMX (Digital Multiplex).  Whether its a major tourist attraction or a simple kitchen lighting install DMX is the way.

DMX just loves LEDs.  Depending on the dimmer, you can dim down to as little as 0.5% of full brightness.  And they love coloured LEDs.  With RGB fittings, you can select over 65,000 colours, although you won’t be able to see to that resolution.

Originally designed to control stage lights, DMX is now finding its way into the home and we like that; we like it a lot.  It takes home automation to a new level of simplicity and affordability.  Let’s do a comparison:



  • Starting Price for a 3 Zone System £100s – £1000s
  • User-Programmable: Not Always
  • Compatibility: Limited
  • Future-Proofness: Limited to What The Manufacturer Wants To Support



  • Starting Price for a 3 Zone System £10s – £100s
  • User-Programmable: Always
  • Compatibility: Most Manufacturers Support DMX
  • Future-Proofness: Excellent

So, if you’re fed up with eye-watering quotes for a proprietary lighting system, consider the low cost DMX approach. You can even add a DMX lighting system to most home automation systems.

And because it’s an open standard, developers around the world make sure that DMX products support the latest automation trends at very low cost.



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