Integrating Existing Remote Control LEDs to a Home Automation System

Last week we saw a customer with a large number of Wise RF white and RGBW LED strips, downlights and RGB garden spike lights installed at her home in Northern France.  As the Wise controls had been totally reliable and very conveniently placed she wanted to keep them.

The house, however was in the process of being upgraded to a home automation system that would take control of the doors, locks, blinds and conventional lighting.  What she really wanted was control from both the automation system AND the existing WISE RF controls.This led to the basic problem of trying to combine two totally incompatible systems.

After a Google search for using multiple controllers she found us. We recommended a 30 channel PWM to DMX converter which turns her Wise system into DMX, and then a number of our two input DMX decoders to drive the existing lighting.

So, with some simple DMX commands from the automation system she will have seamless, dual control of her lighting, and it gives us another unique interface to add to the range.


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