Digital Marketing – Is It The Emperor’s New Clothes? Or Just Me?

I know I normally write about technical things and the projects we get involved in but I thought I’d share an experience I had yesterday with a digital marketing agency who have been messaging us for ages promising a massive boost in leads and enquiries.

The rep turned out to be the marketeer himself, in fact it’s a one man operation. Plausible enough, slick presentation and a nice Porche. He boasted of a six figure income from just ten blue chip clients (why is he calling us I thought).

Half convinced, before I signed up I thought I’d check him out. Sure enough he’s got actual clients but none (that would talk to me) reported any boost in sales at all, just more followers and more likes for inane posts he’d written for them.

So after more digging it turns out that, at 30 he lives with his parents and his Porche actually belongs to Enterprise, he’d rented it for the day.

So has anyone actually had a positive experience, or are they all like this?



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