Implementing ‘DIM To Warm’ via DMX


This week’s challenge was a call from a Control4 installer with a very demanding customer indeed. He has bought a large, open plan space and wants to use the room as a work and meeting space in the day with bright, daylight lighting. However, at night the space transforms into an entertaining space with a very high-end, built-in audio system and a requirement for very low level lighting to mimic candle light. He wanted a mixture of downlights and miniature floor lights.

The installer bought some ‘dim-to-warm’ samples online but there were three problems. Firstly the lamps just didn’t dim low enough, the colour range was just too small, typically 5000 – 3000k, and thirdly they weren’t available in a miniature form so the floor lights would have to be made twice the size to fit a GU10 lamp.

The customer saw us online and liked the Cromatix CR40 uplight and we were contacted to see if we could help. The solution was relatively simple. We bought a dynamic COB LED from:

Luminus Dynamic COB LEDs

As the Control4 system had DMX capability and our DMX plug and play driver has embedded code, we implemented a simple five-line algorithm that delivers 100% light at 4000k down to 0.5% at 1800k, with a linear interpolation inbetween.

And the final bonus is that the tiny CR40 uplights behave exactly the same as the CR90 downlights.

CR40 miniature uplight

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