Bluetooth Mesh and DMX are good friends



Had an enquiry from a customer wanting some RGBW lights in his driveway. He’d seen our CR40 miniature fitting and wanted individual addressability to create sweeps of colour and sound-to-light capability. As there was a nicely executed bluetooth mesh system already installed for most of his conventional lighting this is how he wanted his driveway lights controlled, all 120 of them.

So we got to developing a bluetooth mesh RGBW driver which allowed us to do a test.


That’s when we realised that having hundreds of individually-addressable RGBW fittings just isn’t feasible with bluetooth mesh. The many-to-many protocol is great for range and reliability but no good for 44Hz refresh rates required for smooth sequences or strobing effects. Nor for the installer, having 120 lights to configure with his phone.

So we developed a hybrid solution using one bluetooth mesh node, a PixelatorPlus to generate the DMX patterns, and 120 self-addressing DMX drivers. Easy to wire, easy to commission and easy for the app developer.

We also supplied a Nicolaudie DE3 to allow the user to program his own scenes that would be too complex for the app.

A similar installation has just been completed at the Science Museum (article courtesy of LUX magazine)

Mesh and DMX at the Science Museum (Lux Magazine)

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